Vote Eric Mastroianni 

for 96th State Rep.

Endorsed ​by CT Fraternal Order of Police.

Endorsed by NoTollsCT

Endorsed by Bob Stefanowski & Peter Lumaj


Eric​  is a NO Tolls advocate and his opponent, Roland Lemar, is not only pro-tolls, but passed tolls through committee and is the leading House Representative proposing that tolls pass the general assembly.  CT residents cannot afford to pay another tax.  Tolls will just make life even more expensive than it already is. Imagine having to pay more money just to travel through the state while visiting friends and relatives, heading out on vacation, going to work, or even just running errands or shopping.  Some misinformed people say put them only at the borders, only toll trucks, or we need the funding to support tolls.  We are not allowed to place tolls only at the borders, we'd lose $700 million in federal funding if we did.​  That means tolls would have to make $700 million just to be EVEN with what we already have!  Only tolling trucks is a farce.  For one, if it were possible, the trucks would only pass the costs onto us.  Secondly, once the tolls were working, it would just be a matter of time until they needed more funds and added cars.  Regarding funds for our roads, our gas tax is in the top 5 in the nation, this money is supposed to go directly to road repair, it doesn't!  We have the money to repair our roads, we are just spending it on other items.  We need to practice fiscal responsibility, not just increase and create more taxes.

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I stand with Law and order.

I am proud to say I stand both with peaceful protestors AND police.  Our constitution guarantees us the RIGHT to peacefully protest.  If elected, I will fight for ALL of our constitutional rights to be upheld.  Policing is a difficult, stressful, and dangerous job.  I am happy to say NHPD is one of the most diverse in the country and all of my personal experiences with them have found officers to be caring, honest, and respectful.   This is not to say that racism or bad police don't exist, they certainly do, but let's not judge all by the actions of the few.  While we could've been pro-active and enacted new laws to protect citizens and police, the recent Police Accountability Law was just too flawed.  I would've taken the advice of police experts and made the amendments to the bill to get a better result.  My opponent and his fellow democrats have put us all more at risk for crime in passing the bill in its current form.  I am happy to announce that FOP, Fraternal Order of Police, has endorsed me in District 96.

I believe in school choice.  New Haven has not done enough to educate our youth and parents need to have access to the best schools available.  The children are the future and we need to have the best educated populace we can get.  The state should fund all schools equally to help achieve this goal.  If elected, I'll be a voice for education.  My children attend New Haven schools, so you KNOW I will do my best for the school system!

Who is Eric Mastroianni?

Eric was born and spent his early years in Fair Haven. After High School, Eric enrolled in the US Navy where he served over 20 years and was awarded the Navy's Humanitarian Award for his efforts on Korean Fight 801's crash in Guam in 1997.  Eric is a loving father of 5 children and currently resides in Ward 10.  He is active in his community, getting new sidewalks, streets repaved, pedestrian walkways made safer, had trees trimmed to improve sight for drivers at a school bus stop, and has organized and supported canned food, clothing, backpack, and toy drives in New Haven.  Eric is a member of several Veteran's and fraternal organizations and is a NHRTC co-chair.  When elected, Eric will fight for veterans, education, and the best interests of New Haven residents. His family is here, he has relatives here, and his children attend New Haven Public Schools. This November, VOTE Republican Eric Mastroianni for 96th State Representative!

Vote Eric Mastroianni for 96th State Rep. on Tuesday, November 3!



Atwater St

East Haven, CT. 06512

Phone/text - 203-361-4106

Paid for by EricM96th, Shelley C. Smith, Treasurer, approved by Eric Mastroianni